MOKI brand was created as we wanted to have a poncho that would not only be practical and warm but it would also have its own unique design. At the very beginning first poncho was designed for ourselves the next few ones for our friends. We wanted each poncho to be like its future owner- interesting, unusual and unique. Thus we searched for different materials that no one could ever buy - we used pockets, hoods, forgotten favorite shorts and even pieces of damaged kites that had been lying in the basement for years. We visited a lot of secondhand and vintage shops just to find unique materials, prints and patterns. Friends tossed us their favorite clothes that were no longer fitting so they could get a second life and so it has remained to this day. Instead of rummaging in the closet, we also travel all around the world, look for ideas and then play with materials and colors. As we love to play with different types, combination and shades of colors we import materials from Mexico and Thailand. We also create our own projects often supported by artists like Tom Veiga.

Today MOKI brand is managed by mother and daughter with the help of exceptional people.

“Made by friends and for friends” this sentence guides us in our choices of designing ponchos and defines exactly how we work.

Let us start this journey with you - MOKI

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